Forest Management with Canopy Land Use
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Woodland Project Management - Canopy Land Use  
Strategising and planning is just the first step. The key to success is delivering the objectives of management and plan targets by effective appointment and management of suitable contractors to carry out the tasks in hand. Trees will put on little increment, and hence value, unless their crowns are thinned. As well as stimulating tree growth, active management of woodlands and habitats provides gains to sporting interests, biodiversity, landscape quality (both internal and external), maintenance of historical features, aesthetics and access.
Consultants working with Canopy Land Use have access to a particularly capable base of contractors, skilled and equipped to deal with a whole range of operational tasks be it within the forest or in the wider rural environment. A contractor data base is held centrally, on which records of contractors’ certificates of competence and insurance are maintained. Contractor’s health and safety packs are presented to respective contractors upon instruction. This results in effective delivery of operational tasks, be it in-forest timber harvesting, surfacing of tracks or constructing a pond on a farm.  

• Defining projects to be undertaken and devising most appropriate method to accomplish work;
• Delivery of objectives by engaging appropriate contractors for the task in hand;
• Provision of contract documents to operators, including health and safety matters and identification of site hazards;
• Agreeing rates and costs with contractors to meet budget requirements;
• Effective management and execution of operational activities
• A broad range of project types can be delivered, including:
  Tree felling, thinning and coppicing;
  Woodland tending tasks (tree respacing, cleaning, formative and high pruning);
  Planting and maintenance of woods, hedges and specimens, inclusive of woodland creation;
  Track construction and upgrade, whether for articulated lorries, forest machinery or lighter use;
  Woodland and parkland fencing, including deer, rabbit and livestock fencing;
  Woodland damage limitation, including grey squirrel control and deer management;
  Tree surgery, in particular for purposes of reducing risks;
  Habitat restoration and creation such as ponds and pollards

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