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tree preservation order advice  
Where trees make a significant contribution to the amenities of a local area, planning authorities are empowered to protect them by making Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). The principle effect is to prohibit the cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting, willful damage or willful destruction of certain trees without formal consent. Similar legislative protection is afforded to trees growing within designated Conservation Areas.
The law allows for the pruning or removal of protected trees where it can be demonstrated that the proposed work is justified for the reasons put forward. With a wealth of experience in this area, our arboriculturalist can provide authoritative, technical advice to make or support your application and maximise the likelihood of achieving your desired outcome
We can also represent you in formal objections to the making of unsuitable TPO’s or, where appropriate, lodge appeals against a refusal of consent carry out works to protected trees. Whilst we can help you achieve a satisfactory solution to your tree issues, please note that we do not want to waste our client’s time or money by pursuing applications or appeals that we know have no realistic chance of success.


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