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Trees in planning, demolition and construction  
We provide a comprehensive service for clients seeking planning consent for development projects in proximity to trees. Our objectives are to achieve a harmonious relationship between trees, structures and future occupants. Trees are an important factor on development sites and a material consideration in the UK planning system.
The process follows a logical sequence of events as outlined in BS.5837:2012 – Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - Recommendations. We will ensure that the existing trees are surveyed and categorized in accordance with accepted standards and advise on the feasibility, design, planning application and construction stages. As a former senior local authority tree officer, our resident arboriculturalist is well placed to guide you through the labyrinth of planning regulation maximising your likelihood of securing consent.  

Services include:

o Site and feasibility appraisals
o Tree surveys and categorization for development
o Tree constraint plans and appraisals
o Arboricultural impact assessments
o Tree protection plans and arboricultural method statements
o Supervision and monitoring of sensitive construction activities
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