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Timber-to in Action  
  • Currently sustainable volumes of timber moved by Timber-To exceed 30,000m3 per annum;
  • Timber-To charges a monthly commission to clients based on output of timber marketed and moved;
  • Market research and haulage logistics included;
  • All records are logged on a data base, from which monthly reports are produced for the client;
  • Differential rates are available for use of the Timber-To service. The Canopy Land Use Members’ clients have preferential rates, though the service is open for use by non-Canopy Land Use Members.
To receive a flyer or for further information please make contact via email or phone. If you would like Timber-To to market your timber, please contact the Timber-To co-ordinator.  
T: 01963 33455    info@canopylanduse.co.uk
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