Forest Management with Canopy Land Use
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Timber Harvesting and Marketing  
Generally the production and sale of timber products is the main return to the forest or woodland. Effective harvesting and marketing is crucial in obtaining the optimum economic outcome. Knowledge of the suitability and availability of harvesting contractors with suitable skills and machinery, the range of timber outlets for the different species and grades, as well as current prices, will influence the bottom line.  
  • Determine timber volume forecasts and production assortment;
  • Identify appropriate point of sale and method of harvesting;
  • Recommend and engage independent timber harvesting gang from the suite of skilled, fully trained and insured contractors working within the region;
  • Prepare and present harvesting contracts, inclusive of health and safety information and identification of hazards particular to the site;
  • Manage the timber harvesting project;
  • Tap into local, regional and national timber markets by marketing timber through the Canopy Land Use round timber marketing scheme (branded as Timber-To). Please view Timber-To port for more information;
  • Explore opportunities for value adding and niche marketing;
  • Manage timber sales and monitor outcome
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