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Sustainable harvesting of round timber is a cyclical process. With a current annual production in excess of 30,000m3 of timber (all product types), felling and extracting is invariably taking place on several estates under the management of Canopy Members at any one time. Consequently there is a steady flow of timber, much of which is softwood, available to end users most of the time.  
A high proportion of the forest estates maintain Forest Certification, meeting the requirements of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS). Consequently, if significant, a purchaser can specify FSC Certified material.  
Due to the scale of operation purchasers need to be prepared to buy material by the lorry load, either 8-wheelers (approx. 18m3) or articulated lorries (approx. 28m3). Material can be purchased at roadside or delivery of material can be arranged if required.  
Typical softwood species available:  
• Douglas fir logs, up to very large dimensions;
• Spruce, both Norway and Sitka. High quality and large dimensions available;
• Western red cedar, suitable for sawing and cabin building;
• Larch, mainly Japanese, with limited stocks of European;
• Western hemlock. Good stocks of large, clear timber;
• Pine species. Mainly Scots with some Corsican;
• Other mixed species including Cypress and Grand fir
Typical softwood products available:  
• Sawlogs of variable lengths, large and small diameters. Some clears;
• Bars, fencing grades, stakes and rails;
• Low grade conifer roundwood, either seasoned or green. Potentially suitable for woodfuel (chipping or logging)
To determine current availability and prices, contact the timber marketing co-ordinator: Mark Gurowich m.gurowich@canopylanduse.co.uk  

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