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Sustainable harvesting of round timber is a cyclical process. With a current annual production in excess of 30,000m3 of timber (all product types), felling and extracting is invariably taking place on several estates at any one time. Consequently there is a steady flow of timber, much of which is softwood, available to end users most of the time.  
A high proportion of the forest estates maintain Forest Certification, meeting the requirements of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS). Consequently, if significant, a purchaser can specify FSC Certified material.  
Due to the scale of operation purchasers need to be prepared to buy material by the lorry load, either 8-wheelers (approx. 18m3) or articulated lorries (approx. 28m3). Material can be purchased at roadside or delivery of material can be arranged if required.  
Typical softwood species available:  
• Douglas fir logs, up to very large dimensions;
• Spruce, both Norway and Sitka. High quality and large dimensions available;
• Western red cedar, suitable for sawing and cabin building;
• Larch, mainly Japanese, with limited stocks of European;
• Western hemlock. Good stocks of large, clear timber;
• Pine species. Mainly Scots with some Corsican;
• Other mixed species including Cypress and Grand fir
Typical softwood products available:  
• Sawlogs of variable lengths, large and small diameters. Some clears;
• Bars, fencing grades, stakes and rails;
• Low grade conifer roundwood, either seasoned or green. Potentially suitable for woodfuel (chipping or logging)
To determine current availability and prices, contact the timber marketing co-ordinator: Mark Gurowich m.gurowich@canopylanduse.co.uk  

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