Environmental Management
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Habitat Restoration  
Habitat restoration projects include:  
  • Pond restoration – advice on clearance of silt, vegetation, trees and scrub, reprofiling.
  • Hedges – advice on coppicing, laying, gapping up, hedgerow tree management, cutting
  • Meadows and pastures – advice on increasing floral diversity through various methods including green hay spread, collecting and using brush-harvested seed, introducing pot- grown wildflowers, re-seeding improved grassland or arable sites.
  • Downland – advice on restoring chalk grassland through appropriate grazing regimes, scrub management, advice on restoring downland for rare species such as Adonis & chalkhill blue, Duke of Burgundy and Marsh fritillary
  • Heathland – advice on restoring this internationally scarce habitat through appropriate grazing, cutting and burning, management and removal of trees and woodland,
  • Woodland – advice on restoration could include removal of alien species, increasing diversity both in structure and species, managing rides and open spaces, conserving ancient woodland flora, veteran trees and dead wood habitats.
Habitat creation projects include: Creating ponds for wildlife; planting hedges; planting and establishing woodlands and trees for amenity; game; wildlife and timber production.  
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