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Round timber Sales - Firewood - Roundwood  
As a consequence of regular improvement thinning and felling through the broadleaved stands, the sustainable volume of firewood (in the round) is in excess of 5000m3 per annum.  
Due to the scale of operation purchasers need to be prepared to buy material by the lorry load, either 8-wheelers (approx. 18m3) or articulated lorries (approx. 28m3). Material may be purchased at roadside or delivery of material can be arranged if required.  
A high proportion of the forest estates from which timber is sourced maintain Forest Certification, meeting the requirements of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS). Consequently, if significant, a purchaser can specify Forestry Stewardship Council certified material, purchasing direct from the grower to maintain chain of custody.  
Firewood is generally sorted into the following grades, though orders can be taken for specific species and dimensions. All material is sold in the roundwood form (split logs are not available). Typical firewood available:
  • Beech suitable for processors, up to 3 metre lengths;
  • Ash dominated material, generally cut at 2.3 metre lengths;
  • Sycamore and birch dominated material, cut at 2.3 and 3 metre lengths;
  • Oak, cut to 2.3 metres;
  • Mixed species, generally cut to 2.3 metres;
  • Freshly cut material (green) and seasoned material is often available. The seasoned material may have been stacked on bearers for up to 18 months;
To determine current availability and prices, contact the timber marketing co-ordinator: Mark Gurowich m.gurowich@canopylanduse.co.uk  
T: 01963 33455    info@canopylanduse.co.uk
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