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Many of the higher value forest products are only felled to order, using the forests rather like a super market shelf, enabling product selection once the specification, quality and price is known. If there are special requests for irregular items, do make contact to see if it can be supplied and delivered within the desired time preference.  

A high proportion of the forest estates from which timber is sourced maintain Forest Certification, meeting the requirements of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS). Consequently, if significant, a purchaser can specify Forestry Stewardship Council certified material, purchasing direct from the grower to maintain chain of custody.


Examples of bespoke products supplied include:

  • Douglas fir boat masts;
  • Oak bows for boat hulls;
  • European larch for boat skin;
  • Douglas for submarine mooring and bridge sections;
  • Swept poles and timber lengths for craft and design projects;
  • Alder poles for a ceiling in a Knightsbridge restaurant;
  • Curved oak bow for statue display;
  • Tee pee poles;
  • Ash for yurt manufacture;
  • Flag poles for festivals
  • Large dimensioned hemlock for carving
To determine our ability to supply your bespoke request please email the timber marketing co-ordinator: Mark Gurowich m.gurowich@canopylanduse.co.uk  
T: 01963 33455    info@canopylanduse.co.uk
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